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Tubes for Exterior Lighting
Profiles for Industrial Lighting
Profiles for Lounge Lighting

Individual Fabricated Parts for Lightings
Tubes for Biotechnology
Tubes for Aquarium Accessory

Pneumatic Tube Systems
Tubes for Exhibition Design
Plastic Parts for Sports Equipment

ATHEX SERVICE-QUALITY – Plastics Processing Expertise


All ATHEX plastics products, such as tubes, profiles and machined parts, are made in Germany

• ISO 9001 certified

• Consultancy on material and design issues

• Reliability and service flexibility


Our plastics components will be delivered to our clients quality controlled and ready for installation.

ATHEX – DIN ISO 9001:2015



Under +49 (0)2922-87 83 80 we are at your service on weekdays from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.