Aquarium Components

ATHEX delivers components for filter technology
ATHEX delivers components for filter technology
For pond pumping applications ATHEX supplies UV-light blocking tube housings

Aquarium Systems

In recent years more and more technology has entered the world of aquariums. The inhabitants are to be provided with the best possible environment to feel comfortable and have a long life expectancy. Controlled electronic systems regulate temperatures, currents, feeding, lighting and water quality.


ATHEX delivers components for filter technology and for lighting to well-known manufacturers. Especially in seawater environments protein skimmers are required, for which we deliver PMMA tube components or drawing parts. In order to prepare water in- and outlets in the tube housing, circular holes must be precisely cut into the tube, which we can achieve with a 5-axis machining center. By applying further processing steps like milling or gluing, ATHEX manufactures the skimmer components ready to install.


In lighting the LED-technology has entered the aquariums as well. Adapted light can be provided by means of light/dark or colour control. For optimal growth of the plants in the aquariums light-wavelength variations are increasingly possible, even down into the UV-range. To cover the corresponding LED-trays ATHEX supplies cover profiles made of PMMA or PC.


For pond pumping applications we supply a UV-light blocking tube, which acts as housing for a strong UV-light, eleminating algae in the incoming water.