Tubes, Profiles and Processed Parts for Decorative Ligthing

Decorative lights are mainly used in lounges or common areas. Apart from a functional lighting solution a creative design plays an increasingly larger role, to give the luminary a high degree of recognition. Highest manufacturing quality is a prerequisite in this segment.


That is why for these lights less emphasis is placed on standard parts rather than on individually manufactured parts. It is important to implement design proposals into a technically feasible and cost-efficient production process. Our clients are welcome to discuss options for solutions with us already during their design process to insure the best possible light-relevant plastic components.


ATHEX has a broad application-orientated manufacturing expertise for extruded PMMA or PC profiles or machined drawing parts.


As for the plastic materials we cooperate with all of the leading raw and semi-finished product manufacturers and can therefore rely on resins or sheet material for specially LED-optimized requirements or for other special applications. To ensure a highly qualified processing we have the necessary equipment like high-precision CNC processing machines, annealing furnaces, gluing and bending appliances as well as highly qualified employees.