Tubes and profiles for industrial lighting

Good lighting conditions help to increase safety and productivity in industrial areas.

These conditions are generally achieved by linear lighting systems or individual task luminaires.


So far many of these luminaries have been manufactured in two parts: an aluminium or steel casing and a translucent plastic diffusor. Even the first LED-generations still needed the metal housing as an additional heat sink. As consequence damp-proof or acid-resistant lights repeatedly caused problems due to an inadequate sealing between the two parts made of entirely different materials.


Since the younger LED-generations emit significantly less heat an additional heat sink in form of a metal casing is no longer required. It is now possible to manufacture the complete light casing from plastic and so to largely eliminate the problem of sealing. 


In addition to the classical cover profile ATHEX also offers extruded hollow profiles made of PMMA or PC adapted to customer-specific designs by using individually engineered tools. In co-extruded versions the luminary top can be done in opaque colours in order to conceal the technical interior of the light. Internal fins are feasible to be incorporated into the profile as a support of the LED-tray. For better light haze or glare avoidance these luminaries can also be equipped with specific dispersion materials or geometrical prisms.


Furthermore ATHEX offers plastic components for emergency lighting or escape route guiding systems.