Tubes from PMMA and PC for outdoor lighting

Within public safety responsibilities it is the essential task of modern street lighting to ensure the safety of all traffic participants at night. 

Apart from the purely functional task, however, in many cases the architectural challenge is also to achieve a design aspect with the exterior lighting.


Especially for these decorative exterior luminaries ATHEX has been manufacturing for many years now PMMA (acrylic) and PC (polycarbonate) components and is partner of numerous well-known manufacturers in this sector.


ATHEX offers tube cylinders in many different diameters for post-top, bollard or column luminaires. By using transparent, opal or diffusing materials even the increasing requirements of the LED-technology can be met.


In addition we can also provide custom-made designs or individual refinements, such as:

  • internal prisms for the glare control of light sources
  • impact-resistant material to meet anti-vandalism requirements
  • foliation with adhesive films for design or functional purposes
  • Joining techniques for attaching brackets, lids etc.
  • and other machining solutions  


With pleasure we offer our know-how and our support already in the design stages of your new products.  


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