Fabricated parts, Acrylic (PMMA) and other plastics

The ATHEX processing competence in plastics includes both the further processing of the self-extruded tubes and profiles as well as the fabrication of customer-specific drawing parts, mainly from third party plastic sheet material. In detail, ATHEX can offer:


Cutting of tubes and profiles to ready-to-install dimensions


Downstream processing of our own extruded tubes and profiles,
e.g. by

  • Joining techniques (e.g. gluing lids or end caps, ultrasonic welding of head pieces, attaching fixing bases or flanges)
  • Drilling or milling (e.g. fastening holes, bore holes, contoured counters, threads etc.)
  • Foliation (e.g. for partial glare control, design elements, color films, etc.)

Fabrication of drawing parts from sheet material. ATHEX works with all major plastic sheet manufacturers and can thus cover a very wide range of applications.


Optically and functionally high-quality products are fabricated by means of mechanical processing, joining and bending techniques etc.. Such applications are for example, LED fixtures for living room lighting, escape route notices, housings, displays, presenters or covers for control panel.