PROFILE – Technical Specifications

ATHEX Profiles

PMMA and PC profiles – Technical Specifications


The following manufacturing tolerances apply at a reference temperature of 20° C.


Tolerances (except length tolerance) according to DIN 16941-3A.


Tolerances for length (in mm):

Production lenghts up to 5.000 mm ±10,0 mm (automatic cuts within the extrusion line)


Separate cutting service (manual cuts) for lengths

<= 1.000 mm                      ± 1.0 mm

1.000< L <= 2.000 mm       ± 1.5 mm

> 2.000 mm                        upon demand

A small recess of 0.2 mm may occur at the cut edges.


Optical properties:

Optical rings and extrusion marks are unavoidable due to the production process.


Tighter tolerances upon request.