Acrylic (PMMA) tubes and polycarbonate (PC) tubes

As a manufacturer, ATHEX has been extruding acrylic glass (PMMA) and polycarbonate (PC) into optically high-quality tubes from medium to large diameters for many years. The production range includes the extrusion of the tubes as well as the pre-fabrication of semi-finished tube products.


In addition to standard sizes and materials, ATHEX is the specialist for individual customer requirements, such as special diameters or lengths, high impact resistant materials, colors, prisms etc., but also for additional processing by gluing, milling or foil application.


Production range:

Roundtubes:       diameters from 50 to 450mm 
Square tubes: Side lengths from 45 to 170 mm 
Material: PMMA and PC colorless, opal, diffuse/satin, colored